Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The UPenn Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) Community Advisory Board (CAB) is a bridge to the communities affected by HIV/AIDS and the research staff. The UPenn CTU CAB acts as an ongoing forum to actively engage community and to monitor the CTU research studies. Our meeting are open to visitors.

Our CAB is a diverse group of local, dynamic individuals representing the communities targeted to recruit and enroll in the research trials conducted at the UPenn HIV CTU. The purpose of the CAB is to include community members in all levels of the research process, including but not limited to: study design, reviewing informed consent, recruitment efforts, and study results dissemination.

The CAB members bring specific and unique expertise to the research process by informing researchers of local issues or concerns that can affect the conduct and successful implementation of our research studies. Membership on the CAB includes health educators, HIV prevention & care service providers, study participants, people living with HIV/AIDS, representatives from the youth communities. CAB membership represents diverse racial, gender identity and sexual orientation, and ethnic communities, religious communities, and representatives from community-based organizations.

Office number: (215) 746-7357